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About Basilicata

Basilicata is one of Italy's undiscovered and least explored gems and is found in the very south of the peninsula, has two seas, namely the Ionian and also the Tyrrhenian with the regions of Puglia to the west and Calabria and Campania to the east, on Italy's “instep”.

With the opening of Bari and Brindisi airports and a whole host of budget and scheduled flights available the area is suddenly much more accessible than it used to be, people can discover for themselves just how much it has to offer and offers a chance to invest in a property at very affordable prices.

The regions dramatic diversity is no more evident than in Matera, one of the most important towns in the Basilicata. Matera is not only the most cosmopolitan of the major towns in Basilicata but is also the site for the awe-inspiring “Sassi”, literally meaning stones, where you can still now buy real estate in such a truly historic location. These are dwellings, some dating back to the cave-man era, which are made entirely of Tufo rock, which is also mined in the area. The oldest of these dwellings are literal caves dating back thousands of years, but the newer section, where buildings are much more similar to what nowadays we would consider a house; date back to the 16th century. The streets of Matera are always buzzing, and if you think you have seen the area somewhere before, well you probably have as it has been used for a number of films including most recently “The Passion Of The Christ”. The sea has two main resorts, namely Metaponto and Policoro, with lovely wide sandy beaches spreading for miles, and surrounded by pinewoods and eucalyptus trees giving off a wonderful scent, so why not look at Basilicata as an investment opportunity.

Although Basilicata produces only one DOC wine from the grape Aglianico, the quality of it is such that it ranks at the forefront among the best known and appreciated Italian reds.

In Basilicata, the best salsicce lucane “lucanica sausages”, the pork sausages of the region, are made from pigs fed almost entirely of natural feeds, and are the finest in the country. Some typical examples of food of the region are lamb cooked in a pignata (earthenware pot), flavoured with breadcrumbs, carrots, cheese and sausage, or al cuturillo cooked with chicory. Also exceptional are the local pastas, such as local orecchiette), dressed with cherry tomatoes, and cacioricotta, with wonderful scented local cheese.

Real Estate in Basilicata offers any prospective purchaser a wide choice of properties and all at substantially more reasonable prices than in other regions such as the Lakes, Tuscany or even Liguria. Houses for sale range from the ancient Sassi renovated houses, through apartments in a purpose built complex with restaurants, pools and shops less than 600 metres from the sea. You can also invest in a farmhouse or villa in the country, whilst still having easy access to this beautiful sheltered coastline.


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