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Buy in Italy in 2014 and pay less

Recent changes to the Italian Land Registry provide buyers with a saving of up to €1,260 for every €100,000 they spend.

Great news for anyone who is completing soon on a purchase of an Italian property, or who is thinking of investing in the Italian property market this year.

In addition the lack of inheritance tax and no Capital gains tax in Italy after 5 years, makes Italy a must for savvy property buyers and investors, says Linda Travella of Casa Travella, who has been selling property in Italy for 25 years.

If you purchase from a private individual as a first or main home you will save €1,260 in every €100,000! This is a 1% decrease in your costs on the purchase of your property in Italy.If you are buying a second home you will save €900 in every €100,000, again another 1% decrease.

See the savings on these properties below! (view property) Save up to €2,400.
5 bedroom property in Puglia with trullo and olive grove.

(view property) Save up to €4,200
3 bedroom apartment close to the sea , private garden in Liguria

In these times when just about every which way you turn you are paying more, this is an unexpected surprise!! It is also the time when property prices are still at their lowest but are starting to show signs of rising in the more popular areas, so now is a perfect time to buy a property. Luxury Italian real estate is showing signs of increasing with Liguria leading the way
(view property) (just been increased in price)

The other very positive factor when you are considering buying your property in Italy is the absence of inheritance tax as long as you leave the property to a close relation. (view details)

The last piece of good news is that if you do not sell the property for 5 years capital gains tax in Italy is not payable. Another perfect reason to choose Italian Real Estate over any other!


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