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About Lake Garda

Lake Garda is the largest of the lakes and is located in the north-east of Italy, dividing the regions of Lombardy, the Veneto and Trentino Alto-Adige. The large lake is long and slim, stretching from north to south. The southern lakeshore is low, rolling land and fairly built-up. In contrast, the dramatic fjord-like northern end is surrounded by towering mountains and cliffs. Most of the lakeside towns are popular as holiday resorts and are well-connected by boat services. The beautiful lakeside towns around Lake Garda (Lago di Garda) have charmed foreign visitors for centuries. Even for the ancient Romans, the area was a luxury summer destination; in Sirmione and Desenzano you can visit ruins and mosaics that record their presence.

The lake can be reached very easily with daily flights to Brescia only 20 minutes away, whilst Bergamo and Milan Linate are about 75 minutes away. The cities of Verona (with its famous open air opera season, and the homes of Romeo and Juliet), Vicenza and Venice are all within easy reach of the lake, so access is easy when you invest in a property around Lake Garda.

Wines and extra virgin olive oil, along with freshwater fish are the leading products of Lake Garda. The treasure of Lake Garda’s cuisine is lake fish and except for carp, the most renowned and typical among the species, the catch is quite rich. Other cuisine appreciated for their gastronomic qualities are whitefish including coregone, trout, eels, sardines, pike, tench and carp. Truffles, a recent rediscovery, have enriched Lake Garda’s cuisine and can be found in both the mountainous areas on the west side, and in the southern Morainic Hills. The most sought after black truffle has a strong, pleasant smell and usually ripens between November and March. Practically all the oil produced from pressing the olives grown on the shores of Lake Garda is extra virgin. It is certified by the denomination of controlled origin DOP "Garda"

A famous D.O.C. wine of the area is Bardolino, a light red, whilst Lugana, a dry white is ideal to eat with lake fish. Another wine not to be missed is Bianco di Franciacorta, made close to Brescia, which is a delicious dry white or you can also try the high quality (champagne like ‘brut’) sparkling version.

When you buy a property close to Lake Garda, this will vary from apartments or small villas in small developments with shared pools and easy access to the lake, to the larger villas many with individual pools and spacious grounds. Palatial villas with frontage onto the lake which include moorings offer another alternative to the discerning purchaser who wishes to invest in property in Italy.


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