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About Lazio

In the heart of Italy, Lazio is the centre of the Italian political life thanks to the presence of the government and Parliament. It is the centre of the Catholic world, since there is the Vatican, and a favorite destination of tourism for the innumerable monuments of the Roman civilization. It borders to the north with Tuscany, and to the south with Campania. Apart from the area of Rome, the rest of the territory is mostly plain and hills, with mountains in the area of Rieti, and in the north an area of lower mountains of volcanic origins, in whose craters many beautiful lakes took origin. To the west of Rome the resort of Lido di Ostia (only 5km from Rome Fiumicino airport) and surrounding coastal towns is where the majority of Romans go for the summer vacations. Just to the north the port of Civitavecchia as well as being a port in its own right, plays host to most cruises round the Mediterranean. More than half of the population of Lazio lives in or around Rome.

Rome has numerous flights from many airports worldwide and this, linked to the excellent rail network enables easy access throughout the whole region, so with air, rail, road and sea links as well as the history, this area provides an excellent choice for you to buy property.

Lazio cuisine is perhaps the most savoury of all the regional cuisines, and it is heavily influenced by its pastoral tradition. Lamb is ever present and featured in such dishes as ‘Abbacchio al forno’, fried strips of lamb, literally “scorched fingers” whilst ‘saltimbocca’ which are thin strips of veal with sage and prosciutto translates to “jump in the mouth”. Pasta dishes such as Fettucini alla Romana (prosciutto, chicken giblets, and tomatoes) and Gnocchi alla Romana (gnocchi baked with cheese and butter), are remarkably hearty and rich. As for vegetables, the artichoke holds the place that lamb holds among meats, called “romanesco,” it is without the spiny choke round. The most famous recipe, made famous by the restaurants in the Jewish ghetto, is “Carciofo alla Giudia” cooked plainly with plenty of olive oil and the juice of lemons.

Lazio has traditionally been a white wine region with Malvasia and Trebbiano Toscano dominating the white wine production. The most important wine area in Lazio is the Castelli Romani, and Colli Albani districts, two sets of hills southeast of Rome. Frascati, one of Italy’s most popular white wines is made from vineyards around the hill town of Frascati and three other Castelli Romani communities. One of the region’s most famous and strangest named wines is Est! Est! Est!, literally translated from the Latin to Here it is! Here it is! Here it is!

Although we do have some properties to buy such as detached villas which are available in the surrounding areas of Lazio outside Rome, the majority of properties for sale in Rome will be apartments in and close to the city. These spacious apartments provide excellent accommodation for the buyer to be in the capital and heart of Italian culture with all its history and also as rental investments.


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