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Luxury Lakeside Living

“There is something relaxing and romantic about being close to water and that is why more and more clients are choosing to buy property in Italy on either Lake Como or Lake Maggiore” says Linda Travella of Casa Travella who has been selling property in Italy for 24 years. “Como and Maggiore have tended to be the more sophisticated and popular of the lakes” says Linda.

On Maggiore you can find wonderful period villas on the shores of the lake, Stresa/Baveno and Belgirate are the most sought after areas and have delightful views of the Borromeo Island, and you can see why. The views are spectacular but one of the main draws of Maggiore is its closeness to Milan and the various airport options it offers which are between 45 and 75 minutes away. There are numerous flights a day from all over the UK and many other parts of the world. It can offer golf, skiing and water sports apart from being close to San Siro for football and Monza for motor racing.

Properties here range from as little as €170.000 for a 2 bedroom apartment, but we are concentrating on the properties at the higher end of the scale. A luxury 3 bedroom penthouse with lake view and shared pool for €700.000 to a wonderful lakeside apartment with 4 bedroom, boat mooring, winter boat storage and a covered lakeside terrace with seating for about 16 people for €775.000. If you want a palatial villa then prices are from one million upwards and for a lakeside villa that belonged to a relation of Napoleon, upwards of €5.000.000!

So what about Lake Como, now linked with Clooney, but in fact it did exist before George, and as Maggiore, has always been a popular destination for the ‘Milanese’, as a 2nd home. The easy driving distance also makes it popular with Swiss clients and other Europeans. Lake Como over recent years has been synonymous with glamour and various X factor programmes have been filmed there and ‘The Beckhams’, Brad Pitt and many other starts have visited Clooney’s Lakeside villa. Part of Oceans’ 12 was, in fact, filmed on Como. You may be thinking that you can’t afford to buy here but prices on the North Western shore start as low as €120.000

Today we are looking at what sort of lakeside luxury you can find and so we will be looking upwards of €700.000. Trying to find a property right on the lake attracts, of course, a premium price as you would expect, whilst building new properties on the lake is not allowed and any changes to current designs have very strict criteria. A wonderful lakeside villa at Pianello can be purchased newly restored with 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms a lakeside pool and beach for around €2.500.000. A detached villa of 300 square metres at Tremezzo with lake view and a 15 minute walk to the lake is currently under construction. You can choose the internal layout and the price of €1.200.000 also includes a pool.

One of the most important points with regard to a large investment on the lakes is the fact that you can feel confident that the price will stay stable. These days clients are always concerned that, having seen what has happened to property in other European countries, property in Italy will go the same way. However Italian Real Estate on Maggiore and Como, has not seen those dramatic peaks and troughs.

Whichever lake and property you choose, Linda feels that you will be pleased with your purchase in Italy and enjoy it for many years to come.

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Linda Travella has been selling property in Italy since 1987 and is known as the Italian property expert. She was chairman of FOPDAC for 4 years and is an honoured fellow of the NAEA and on the NAEA International committee. She has appeared on various TV programmes for ITV and Channel 4 including A Place in the Sun with Amanda Lamb.


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